Adventure Parks challenge Reach san benito parks foundation


Go out and have fun!

0. New team BONUS 5 points

Recruit a new team to play _______! Submit the new team’s first adventure and receive credit {1 BONUS PER NEW TEAM, UNLIMITED X}

1. Get fit - 5 points
At San Benito Parks (any park, path or trail within San Benito County, including   both the City of Hollister and San Juan Bautista)! 5 points
           Take your workout to the Parks!
Show us how you use nature to get your fitness on. How can you use a bench or tree to workout? One workout per day.
2. Best park staff ever! 10 points

Take a picture with a Park Maintenance worker, but get their permission first! You are encouraged to do this many times, as long as it’s different staff members

3. Hiking San Benito! 5 points, Unlimited

Get out on the trails and take a hike! A hike of any length will do! Just off the sidewalks and into wilderness! Try Fremont Peak or De Anza Trail for some spectacular views!

4. Put the pedal to the park! 5 points

Ride your bike to a park! Snap a photo with your bike at one of our parks and don’t forget your helmet! Do this at multiple park locations

5. Play in a Safe Place 5 Points

Photograph a child playing outdoors in a San Benito Park. Don’t have a child? Invite your friends and neighbors who have them!

6. Who Let The Dogs Out? 5 points

Visit Brigantino Park or Jerry Gabe Memorial Park or Snap a photo of your four-legged friend playing at the dog park.

8. Make a splash at Valley View Park 5 points

Submit a picture of you or a family member enjoying the splash pad!

9. Learn from the past! 5 points

Photograph someone learning at the San Benito Historical Park

10. Plant a seed 10 points

If you are a Community Garden Plot Renter, snap a pic of a child tending the Community Garden at Vista Park Hill!

11. Tree Hugger! 5 points

Trees give us oxygen, how cool is that?! Say thanks by giving one a nice big hug and send in a picture!

12. Fly a Kite! 10 points

Submit a picture of someone flying a kite at a Park in San Benito County, anywhere!.

13. Squirrel! 5 points

Snap a photo of a squirrel. It’s got to be free ranging, so shoot quick! Make sure its in a San Benito Park. Remember, get the flag and a teammate in the shot to count.

14. Don’t get off my lawn!

Lay on the grass at a Park somewhere in San Benito County.. How easy is that?!

15. On your mark, get set, Go! 10 points!

Take a video of two (or more) people racing! It can be a short sprint down a paved path, or running on a soccer field, but make sure you are at a San Benito Park!

16. Stop and Smell the Roses!

Stop by the Rose Garden at Dunne Park. Snap a pic of someone smelling a rose.

17. Dancin’ in the rain

We rely on rain to help keep things green at our parks. Take a picture or video of you or a friend doing a thankful dance on a rainy day in one of the parks!

18. Have a Heart 5 points

Find something in nature at a San Benito park that resembles a heart!

19. Picnic in a Park 5 points

Lay a blanket down in any one of our San Benito parks and have a healthy picnic with your friends/family.

20. Namaste right here! 5 points

Close your eyes, relax, feel the nature and find your Zen while doing a yoga pose in any one of our San Benito Parks. One pose per day.

21. Slide into fun 10 points

Use the boomerang app to record a video of someone you know enjoying the slide at a San Benito Park.

22. Walk with your Elders 10 points

Whether they are you grandparents, friends or neighbors invite an elder out for a leisure walk in the beautiful outdoors. Please take this opportunity to share the parks with your elderly friends and family. Do not snap a photo of someone you do not know.

23. Keep it Clean! 10 points

As the saying goes, “Leave the place cleaner than when you found it.” Lead by example by picking up trash on a trail or at a park. Bring a bag with you on your next adventure and be sure to take a photo of someone beautifying our San Benito Parks

24. Yeehaw! 5 points

Saddle up pardners and take a trail ride.

25. Three-legged Race 5 points

Compete in three-legged sack race.

26. Photograph a Poppy 5 points

The California Poppy, also known as “Eschscholzia Californica” is our state flower. Take a picture of yourself next to one or many! But remember, these golden beauties are protected by the state law prohibiting anyone from picking or destroying them.

27. Be prepared! 5 points

Take a selfie with ten essential things you think apply to being prepared..

28. Find a bird 5 points

in a park, take a picture, identify it, and post to the website. 5 points

29. Be Ansel 10 points

Capture yourselves taking a scenic photograph.

30. Movies in the a Park 5 points

Bring a blanket and snacks.

31. Put Red Fred in the Shed! 10 points

Go orienteering, using a map and compass

32. Spot a Lizard 5 points

They’re quick little guys. A teammate and the lizard need to be in the same shot. Treat him kindly!

33. Head in the clouds ___ 5 points

Use your imagination! Take a photo of it, and tell us what you see.

34. First Aid 5 points

Demonstrate an outdoor first aid skill

35. All that glitters ain’t gold!

Did you know that the California State Gemstone is Benitoite?! Take a pic with this rare mineral. It is found very few locations including Japan, Arkasnas and our very own San Benito County!

36. Meet a Ranger 5 points, Unlimited

Be sure to get his or her permission before you take the picture! You can do this over and over, as long as it’s a different park agency (NPS, BLM, USFS, CalParks, Local parks, USFWS, ACE, etc.)

37. Visit a Visitor Center 5 points

Visit a Visitor Center

38. Tag! 5 points

Tag! You’re it!

39. Play Frisbee 5 points

Play Frisbee or Disc Golf

40. Volunteer 25 points

Volunteer at a State Park

41. Relax 5 points

Relax in a Hammock

42. Picture your perfect treehouse 5 points

Draw it and hold it up for the camera.

43. Observe the Heavens

Attend a public program at the Fremont Peak Observatory. For more information checkout their website at

44. Oh Deer 10 points

Take a picture of a deer. It must be alive, not stuffed or a decription of one. Any member of deer family counts that includes mule deer, blacktail deer, fallow deer, and elk.

45. Local farms market 5 points

Attend the local farms market 5 points

46. Walk it out 5 points

Get out there and move.

47. Summer Solstice 5 points

June 21 is the longest day of the year. Show us how you celebrate the beginning of summer.

48. Moon Hike 5 points

Hike on a full moon

49. Play Ball! 5 points

Play Ball! 

50. Geocaching 10 points


51. Backyard camping. 5 points

Step outside to your backyard, pitch a tent or roll out your sleeping bag on the lawn and spend the night outdoors.

52. Wild about Wildflowers 5 points

Snap a shot of your team where wildflowers can be seen.

53. It’s a bird! it’s plane! 20 points

Capture a picture of a California Condor. Once on the verge of extinction, captive breeding programs like the one at Pinnacles National Park have help save this species.

Fun Fact: California Condors are the largest flying bird in North America. Their wings can stretch out to nearly 10 feet from tip to tip

54. Civic engagement 20 points

Be informed, attended a monthly Parks & Recreation meeting, meet your Commissioners and have your voice heard.

5 Bonus points: Snap a photo with a commissioner or city staff. Be sure to get their permission first.

55. “I like to ride my Bicycle..” 5 points

Show us where you like to ride. Reminder to wear a helmet.

56. Become a Junior Ranger! 25 points

Become a Junior Ranger!

57. Play tennis at Dunne Park 5 points

Play tennis at Dunne Park

58. 4th of July 5 points

Show us how you celebrate America’s birthday.

59. Forest bathe 5 points

Forest bathe

60. Sign up 10 points

Sign up for the R.E.A.C.H. newsletter

61. COBR BONUS 20 points

Complete all 10 California Children’s Bill of Rights (COBR) Activities

COBR-1. Play in a Safe Place

COBR-2. Explore Nature

COBR-3. Learn to Swim

COBR-4. Go Fishing

COBR-5. Follow a Trail

COBR-6. Camp under the stars

COBR-7. Ride a Bike

COBR-8. Go Boating

COBR-9. Connect with the Past

COBR-10. Plant a seed