Reach San Benito Adventure Parks Challenge

Leave no trace.. only footprints

Welcome to San Benito County Adventure Parks Challenge. The Aventure Parks Challenge is a FREE game that is hosted by the San Benito Parks Foundation to help you and your friends and family get outside and engage in healthy activities in our lovely 48,000 acre park system. Teams of 2 to 3 players sign up, and then choose to participate in outdoor adventures in any one of our 28 regional parks.  Already signed up, login here..

reach san benito parks foundation adventure parks challenge

Create a Team Flag

  • Make your own flag or use the to create an awesome, personalized flag for your team. All flags must have “Summer 2018″ prominently on them along with your team name.
  • After you create a flag, print it out. We recommend water proofing your flag so it doesn’t get wet.
  • Team Flags must appear in each of the pictures or videos submitted in order to determine that the photo is current.

Leave No Trace, Only Footprints