Blue Benitoite

Found only in San Benito County

San Benito Parks Recreation Trails

My name is Bennie Benitoite. 

I am a “Big-Eared Kangaroo Rat”. My soft fur is tan on my back and white on my tummy. I am famous for my BIG round ears and long tuft tail. I can grow up to 13 inches from the tip of my nose to the end of my tail. I have made San Benito County my home because it has warm and sunny hillsides.

The very special blue gem I am holding is called “Benitoite” which is unique like me. Both of us are only found in San Benito County, and is the California State Gem.

I love parks and trails and all they have to offer the great people of San Benito County and I would love for you to explore the many opportunities available to become one of my buddies.

I am very proud of San Benito County and all it has to offer and I want you to share it with me.
Let’s explore all of the great parks San Benito County has to offer.
I invite you to become one of "BENNIE'S BUDDIES" by exploring my site and discover all the adventures you and I can go on together:

I've made a lot of fun things for you to make and do.  Click on the download button below each item to save and then print it out to enjoy.


Download this to save your place in your favorite book while you are outside playing at the park. Don't forget to visit the San Benito County Library:  Bookmark click here.  


Download this to make a door hanger to let everyone know when you're in your room or outside playing at your favorite park:  Bennie's doorhanger


Download this to take with you to the San Benito County Historical Park and help Bennie find all the exciting historical places in the park:  Scavenger Hunt click here


Download my photo and take it with you to your favorite park and take a picture showing me, you and the name of the park.  Then email to me to put on my photo wall at 




Download these to help Bennie find his way through the mazes so he doesn't get lost while searching for his favorite park to play in..