Rene Rodriguez recently took a walk into the newly opened SAN BENITO COUNTY REGIONAL PARK, west of, and behind the San Benito High School.  When you go there you will see that Rene has given us a tantalizing characterization of this raw area destined to provide respite for our county community, friends and visitors.

The also newly opened River Prkwy, connecting Nash Road to San Benito Street will take you there.  A shared parking lot will be open soon, but there are places to park at Nash Road and it is not far to walk on the wide bicycle/pedestrian paved path that borders River Prkwy.  There are already worn paths to the open park space that are easy to see and navigate.

R.E.A.C.H. has been posting the need for Volunteers to help with fence and debris removal, planting, weeding, watering and grooming in every corner of the park.  The County Project Manager will be handing down a list of projects to the R.E.A.C.H. Regional Park Committee to organize Volunteers.

Add your name and contact information to the pool of Regional Park Volunteers by emailing Robin@reachsanbenito.org or Anita@reachsanbenito.org.  Your help will make the park a wonderful place to be, and you will love yourself every time you look out over what you have helped create!

Hollister Parks and Recreation Information


300 West Street, Hollister, CA


(831) 634-4390

Summer Drive & River Trail
Bark Park
Las Brisas
McCarthy Park
Tony Aguirre Memorial
Allendale Park (6.25 ac.)
Dunne Park (4.75 ac)
Frank Klauer Memorial
Santa Ana Park
Valley View Park
Vista Park Hill
Brigantino Park

Hollister School & Park Combinations

Reserve through HSD: www.hesd.civipermits.com

(Not available during school hours)

Calaveras School & Park
Cerra Vista School Park
Ladd Lane School Park
Marguerite Maze Sports Complex
R. O. Hardin Elementry School Park
Rancho San Justo Sports Complex
Veterans Memorial Park

City of San Juan Bautista

311 2nd Street, San Juan Bautista



Abbe Park
Luck Park Museum and Library
Mayor James West Park
San Juan Soccer Field
San Juan to Anzer HS Bike Lane
Aromas Commuity Park
Aromas Dog Park

San Benito County Parks




Quail Hollow Park
Oak Creek Park
SBC Historical Park & Village
Riverview Regional Park
San Benito River Parkway
Anza Trail/Old stage Road
San Justo Reservior & Trails
San Benito County Fairgrounds

California State Parks in San Benito County

Fremont Peak Park
Mission San Juan Bautista Park
Pinnacles National Park
San Benito County Fairgrounds

You can also use this Google Maps aerial for all parks in San Benito County