Reach San Benito

“Un Pequeño Paseo – Explore San Benito”

Saturday, June 30 - 5:15pm

We will meet up at the San Juan Soccer Field.
Located at 100 Nyland Dr., San Juan Bautista, CA

Map and directions here..
Please RSVP

Tuesday July 31st - 5:15pm

The JULY Paseo/ Walk will be to St. Frances Retreat on Tuesday, July 31,at 5:15pm, meeting at the triangle of roads to Windhaven/St. Frances.  Mr. Ed De Groot, at the Retreat, said we will be welcome to view the valley and walk the trails as we wish.  What a lovely way to end a hard Tuesday’s work, with personal time!  ‘R.E.A.C.H.’  will provide a couple of safety vests for front and back walkers on the road.  Mr. De Groot said, “People are walking the road all the time; not to worry.”  I’ll see you then!!!!  (RSVP, if you can.)

Map and directions here..

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