January Issue ~ 2017 Brought Good News for Parks

As the year 2017 took its course in the County San Benito, a consulting firm was contracted to reorganize the Resource Management Agency (Planning, Building, Public Works, and Integrated Waste).  Since parks, recreational facilities, programs and structures, come under Public Works, we at R.E.A.C.H. San Benito Parks Foundation have been noting the positive changes, not without struggles, within the county administration.  A serious look at the General Plan and Master Parks Plan needed to be essential in reorganizing; so many little ripple effects are being felt.  It sort of feels like the county went to the chiropractor for an adjustment; no particular visible issue, but we’re all walking a little more upright now.

As the economic status of the county has improved, the idea of parks improvements and/or even the prospect of creating new elements such as the River Parkway and Regional Park are likely.  A real indicator of progress was the approval of the new Building Permit fees which include money for library facilities and parks according to the impact of each new project.  Another noted change has been the robust Hollister City Parks and Recreation program under their Public Works Department. As both the cities and county acknowledge the consequences of parks, trails and open spaces affecting the health, welfare and economy, we’ll see better parks “coming to a theater near you”!

2018 will see the Parks Foundation called R.E.A.C.H., the acronym for Recreation, Exercise, And, Community Health, advocating for improvements and new parks, trails, paths and programs in San Benito County.  Happy New Year everyone!

Valerie Egland and the Board of Directors