Mission Village Voice, July 2017 Issue, R.E.A.C.H. Article
Valerie Egland
Summer is here! Solstice came and went with a 70 year cycle Full Moon, and it was gorgeous. More spectacular because it made such a lovely extension to the longest day of the year, don’t you think?
Now, fully in to the lazy days of summer, don’t get too lazy. Pamper your body and spirit by getting out into the open spaces, like the San Benito County Historical Park or Fremont Peak for a picnic departure to your standard dinner. After work, on these long summer evenings, there’s time for that added luxury of a picnic, or a walk-about in the open air, a time for self and family.
The `San Juan Soccer Field Park’ that is an on-going development in town, the Bike Lane to Anzar HS, Verutti Park, Abbe Park, the Tennis Courts and our Mission Plaza are begging for public use, walkers, bicyclists, runners, ball-pitchers, soccer practice, Tennis players and picnickers. Be there! Go there! Play there! Breathe and feel free from the confines of offices and work spaces, to refresh and renew yourself before the days shorten up, chill down and call our students back to school and homework.
Yoga and Tai Chi classes are wonderful ways to stay limber, breathe more deeply, strengthen core muscles and develop relaxation techniques that will carry you through the stress of this modern `digital life’. Yoga at the Native Daughters Adobe on 4th St. is on-going every Monday at 5:15pm sharp, with doors open by 5:00pm, at least. This is a non-judgmental, restorative type of Yoga that will teach you ways of being kind to your body, mind and spirit. Tai Chi and Qigong have much in common with yoga practices, but focuses on slower paced and balanced body movements. Through the summer months it is being practiced on the Mission Plaza `green’ on Wednesdays, from 5:30-6:30 pm. Information on all these different opportunities is in the Mission Village Voice `Regular Events’ column.
Recreation, Exercise And Community Health, San Benito Parks Foundation (R.E.A.C.H.) advocates for all the ways our community can feel free in the world, experiencing healthy bodies and minds.